List Of Projects/Assignments In The Past

Topics: Resolution, Automated teller machine, Display resolution Pages: 4 (1098 words) Published: January 12, 2011

1. Implementation of Non-stop modules - a nonstop module supported by Temenos was installed to enable users/Customers have access to T24 when COB is in progress. 2. Creation of new branches - Successful setup of new branches and other parameters e.g. Akure/Lagos/Kano/Onitsha/Benin 3. Resolution to Provisioning issues bank-wide – Provisioning for Asset classification into standard, sub-standard, doubtful and loss was resolved (Automated process). 4. Subroutine for Recoding of Account Officers /SBU code for Area 8/P&M customers bank-wide 5. Jshell Restriction – Team member on setting up of Jshell restriction. 6. End of financial year process - Successful running of EOY procedure for 2008/2009. 7. Training of Operations staff on T24 operations bank-wide. 8. Team work on staff salary upload automation.

9. GL Difference/Mismatches - Resolution to some GL differences/Mismatches bank-wide. 10. Availability of T24 banking application accessibility to users daily - ensures COB is run on time, backup taken properly and all COB related issues resolved on or before 7:00am in the morning 11. Resolution to customer accounts balances with four decimal places 12. Resolved disparity in customer account balances

13. Resolution to the error message ‘invalid card’ displayed for all ATM card for new branches e.g. PHB and KANO branch. 14. Resolution to the error message, 'insufficient funds' displayed for some customers when they carryout ATM transactions. 15. Resolution to Bulk posting issues using Volume Processing Application 16. Resolution to EB.EOD.ERROR issues related to COB

17. Report (enquiry) - Amendment to Debit Interest Report to display current interest rate as against the display of old rate and MG detail report 18. Subroutines - Development of consolidated Deposit mobilization report for both Introducers and Account Officers, 19. Subroutine - development of a subroutine that can extract all MYHOUSE accounts on T24 for...
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