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Application to the new Swedish Institute’s leadership programme Young Connectors of the Future (YCF) 2013 for selected countries in South Asia

Make sure you answer all the questions below. All information should be submitted in English.

General Information


Are you a leader with a vision? Do you want to make a change? Then apply to the leadership programme Young Connectors of the Future!

This is a new leadership programme for young active change makers from selected countries in South Asia, which aims to build a foundation for dialogue, mutual understanding and knowledge sharing. The programme combines intercultural leadership training with theory and practice in the fields of transparency, democracy and human rights, connecting people from different sectors of society – from civil society to political and entrepreneurial sectors. The programme has the ambition of building a dynamic network of young leaders and connectors of the future.

In the questions below, please motivate your participation in the programme. Don’t repeat information already contained in your CV, but feel free to explain and elaborate on the driving forces in your life and what inspires you.


1.) Please describe the platform (e.g. experiences, engagements, skills, drives, goals) from which you have the ambition to contribute to the development of your local/regional society. [150 words maximum]. people like nelson mandela and mother teresa has always been an model of inspiration for me to do something for the society. i have been an active member volunteering social activities in the past like collcting funds for the flood victoms in 2010 particpated in awareness and distributing polio vaccination to children . i also joined different NGO,s like UNDP to learn more professionalism and get a platform to perfom my services on much larger positive attitude and determination has been greatest motivation to engage my self in social activity and even a tiny posivity added by me in the society will be an achievement to me . our country pakistan is in dileema facing a lot of prblems it’s a high time for me to serve my nation and aware others members to puts hand in hand and start doing philantropic act and propel our nation towards prosperity. 

2.a) Give one example of challenges or possibilities important for your country today. [150 words maximum].  my country pakistan facing adverse conditions like economic issues law and order and many more. Illeteracy among the people which is more than 50 % a alarming situation for any country is a root cause of all the problems currently occurred people are un aware of their roles and responsibility . the only way to aware people is to provide them education in 2012 the total money spend on education was 1.7% of GDP the spending on budget is far less than many of the developing nations .More than 10 million children in our country have not even seen the face of colleges .Education among people is pivotal for bringing revolution in the country . 

2.b) Describe how your participation in the leadership programme Young Connectors of the Future could contribute to addressing this challenge/possibility. [150 words maximum].  i am determined and focused to mitigate the current adverse condition by taking the responsibility of many people of surrounding and providing them education to escalate their awareness level for that scenario its essential for me to posses all the qualities to be a leader of tomorrow . this conference provides me platform meeting with the competent people of the country facing same problems which our country is this conference...
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