Lipton Ice Tea - ''Tokyo Dancing Hotel'' Ad

Topics: Hugh Jackman, Rio de Janeiro, Dance Pages: 1 (412 words) Published: March 22, 2011
My favorite Advertisement’s name is ‘’ Tokyo Dancing Hotel’’ , for the drink Lipton Ice Tea. Ironically, it wasn’t shot in Tokyo, but in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It stars the actor Hugh Jackman, who is known for his role on the ‘’X-Men’’ series as Wolverine and in the ‘Van Helsing Movie’ as the main role. In this ad, the only thing you see him doing is basically dancing. Hugh Jackman plays a man who seems a little tired, run out, and who’s in a place where he doesn’t have anyone around him that he knows. He then has a sip of the drink and starts to feel alive and positive, skillfully dances through various rooms in a luxury hotel, with hotel staff and guests joining him and mirroring his energetic moves. I liked it because it has a feeling of happiness, the music used is a cheerful, funky, disco song, the dance brings out the feeling of energy and liveliness, and also because the actor Hugh Jackman is one of my favorite Australian actors. This ad isn’t targeted at one particular generation, but everyone as a whole, because the ad is selling a drink which can be consumed by people from all ages. And as some of most of you know, Tea is originally from the East Asian countries, like China, Japan, Korea and even India. So the place where the ad takes place wasn’t chosen randomly, but because Japan is one of the places in the world where tea is very appreciated and used in the everyday life. The main message of this ad is happiness, energy. Like, sometimes you feel worn out, tired. Who wouldn’t want a little bit of energy and happiness, so you could continue what you were doing? And just by watching this video I feel happy, and I even find myself smiling while watching the video, because in some ways, it’s kinda funny. It’s not like you can see an actor who plays serious roles on action movies play and dance to a cheerful music like this one.

Overall, I think this ad is positive, healthy and does not send a wrong idea to the public, for example, it does not try...
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