Lion of the Desert: Movie Summery and Analysis

Topics: Sudan, Libya, Muhammad Ahmad Pages: 4 (1508 words) Published: March 20, 2007
‘Lion Of The Desert' Movie Summary

Between two world wars, a struggle for freedom took place in Libya within the African desert. The movie ‘Lion of the Desert", is a historically accurate story about the Libyan resistance leader, Omar Mukhtar, teacher by profession, guerilla by obligation. Mukhtar committed himself to a war that could not have been won in his own lifetime. He skillfully led the Libyan resistance against the Italian oppressors from 1911-1931. This movie takes place during the reign of Mussolini, and it shows the courage and dedication the rebels had in order to fight for what they believed in what they knew was morally right. The end result was a massacre in the making. Enraged by the 20-year war carried on by Beduin patriots opposed to the Italian occupation and colonization of their native lands. The arrogant Mussolini, the first of Europe's fascist dictators, orders his new military governor the ruthless Rodolfo Graziani to crush and silence the Beduin rebellion by whatever means and capture their great leader and teacher Omar Mukhtar. This story of great courage and bravery begins in a Libyan township where Mukhtar and his people have comfortably established with homes and farmland. For over 20 years Mukhtar and his people have waged war against Italian soldiers, however Mukhtar is like a ghost to the Italians, nobody has seen him and nobody knows what he looks like. Italians soldiers soon invaded the rebel's settlement and murdered men they suspected ran with Mukhtar. Upon leaving the town they burned their food and supplies, and left the men, women and children with nothing but blood on their hands. The rebel's tactics and fighting style were superior to the Italians since they grew up fighting in these exact deserts and mountains. Throughout the movie we watched the invaders attacking with war-planes, tanks, cannons and machine-guns, but we also see a fascinating portrayal of the heroic Libyan forces fighting the mighty Italian...

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