Lion king outline

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Disney's The Lion King
I.) A. The Lion King is a story of Simba, a young confused cub soon to be king of Pride Rock. Simba's troubles and tribulations come when his envious uncle Scar plots to have his father killed. Scar has always been envious of his brother Mufasa because he feels he's always been in his shadow. B. Thesis: the writers of Lion King use various archetypes like nature, color, and character to show mood, and good verses evil. II.) Archetype 1 ( Nature )

a. Fire occurring during Scar and Simba's battle represents the fury and anger b. Sunrise at the beginning and end of the movie represents light and warmth c. Rain and water are used to represent a new beginning and purification III.) Archetype 2 ( Color )

a. When Pride Rock turns black and grey this represents evil and death b. Scars eye being green represent envy
c. The blue water Simba looks into shows his reflection and that represents him being hopeful and pure IV.) Archetype 3 ( Characters )
a. Sidekicks are represented threw Timone and Pumba backing up Simba b. Trickster is represented by Scar tricking Simba into tuning away and killing his brother c. Old wise man guidance is shown by Rafiki getting Simba on the right path again V.) Conclusion

The makers of The Lion King use nature, color, and charters do display specific archetypes thought the movie. Color is used to affect the mood of the scene. The environments they are in cause you to feel differently about the scene. Lastly the charters in the movie all play a specific role to help and harm Simba.
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