Linux vs Mac vs Window Team final draft

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Linux vs Mac vs Windows
File and Process Management
March 9, 2014

Linux vs Mac vs Window Process & File Management
Process Management
One of the key functions of an operating system is the process management. Linux OS system is very dynamic with constantly changing computing needs. These needs tend to be centered on the process. Processes can be either long or short lived, so managing these processes is very important. Linux incorporates a very flexible design which contains a separate unit to take on the process management task. In a Linux operating system processes are created and represented by an allocated task_struct. Microsoft Windows OS contains a Windows system resource manager that manages processor resources by adjusting the priority of the processes. This function allows for a minimal amount of CPU bandwidth be used when processing different groups. Windows also allows for the user to utilize the functions of the task manager. The Windows task manager allows for the user to monitor and end certain processes listed. This can help a user decide whether or not certain processes need to continue running by being able to monitor memory usage and CPU ranking. Mac OS file management system is similar to that of the UNIX file system. This means that any storage device connected to the computer whether from the network or direct connection puts forth space in order to create a collection of files. Directories are used to create hierarchical organization by the system. Mac OS file system is divided into different domains which separate files according to what they are used for. This allows for specific group of files to be easily identified by the user. Blanket access privileges to files are applied in the domain to keep unauthorized users from changing the files. The four domains in the file system are user, local, network, and system. Each domain is allocated for different resources for the user. The system domain is exactly what...
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