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21 February 2013
The Various Shapes of Red Hat

Linux, much like Windows, or OSX, comes in a variety of versions, or distributions as they are known in the Linux world. Red Hat, a Linux distribution, has several distributions based off of its architecture that are designed for several purposes, these distributions vary in much the same way as the Windows versions. The main currently active Linux distributions that are based off of Red Hats architecture include Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise, and CentOS. Fedora is the home edition of Red Hat Linux, and much like most Linux distros is available to download and run on a computer free of charge. Fedora, and every other Red Hat distribution, run the GNOME GUI the for their user interfaces, which is not dissimilar in look to the windows desktop in various ways (“Fedora (operating system)”). Fedora is very similar to Windows in several ways, it is a very user friendly distro of Linux (much like most home versions of Linux), and has a task bar, a desktop with shortcut icons to various programs, you can right click on things to get a context sensitive menu, and there is even a “Start menu” of sorts that is used to access various system utility’s all very much like Windows. Fedora comes with a large amount of open source software pre-installed, including Firefox, LibreOffice (and open source Office alike), and of course it has a solitaire program installed as well, but sadly there is not mine sweeper knock off installed by default. Fedora also has several distros based on it, the most notable one being Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a Linux distro aimed primarily towards the commercial market, and mainly for running servers among other things (“Red Hat Enterprise Linux”). An intresting thing to note about Red Hat Enterprise Linux is that it has a cost assoceated with it, quite a large one at that with the lowest priced version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the desktop...

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