Lingustic Semantics

Topics: Mind, Lake District, Psychology Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: April 20, 2013
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Zoe Chan
ENGE 2370
Pro. O’ Sullivan
3rd March 2013

“[Nature is] The anchor of my purest thoughts, the guide, the guardian of my hart and soul of all my moral being.’’(Wordsworth) William Wordsworth who is considered as the Lake poet is deeply influenced by nature. Thank for having the opportunity to spend so much time with nature after his parents was dead, he is amazed by nature when he was young. The influence of nature never ends. He lived in English Lake District of Cumberland and Westmorland where he got many inspirations for his poetry. Hence, nature is not only a kind of imagery in Wordsworth ‘s poetry but teacher of men, soul comforter, inspiration, a means of understanding and connecting to the higher power. Wordsworth suggests that nature is men’s teacher on both psychological and intellectual aspects since we discourse inner-self from nature and learn true knowledge from it. Psychologically, nature can purify and restore the spirit of man by its divine form. From appreciating the sublime, men reflect themselves and find out inner self from the nature environment. I believe Tintern Abby is one of the poems indicates his thought of the role of nature. ‘’ While here I stand, not only with the sense Of present pleasure, but with pleasing thoughts That in this moment there is life and food’’(line 64-66). Nature to Wordsworth is not only present happiness but it long lasting as it is enrich our thought and purify our spirit. The joy which nature gives men cannot replace by other things. “ Through all the years of this our life, to lead From joy to joy: for she can so inform The mind that is within us, so impress With quietness and beauty’’ (line106-111). Nature purges our mind

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offering us a healthy, energetic but peaceful state of mind by its tranquility and divineness. The mother...
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