Lingnan University Student Canteen Imc Plan

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MKT231 Advertising & IMC
LNU Student Canteen discussion

Student answers will vary and the following is a suggested framework:


Benefits Sought:

Needs States| Brand Offer|
Personal/Brand Purpose| The rest place for Lingnan Ren: a global village where we are all equal and creativity rules Historical background: Shi Jianru, one of its former LNU students, unsuccessfully tried to assassinate the Viceroy of Guangdong and Guangxi.| Social/User Imagery| A friendly, youthful, energetic and comfortable setting. A safe haven for the free willed where everyone is equal. There is no deadline, no pulling ranks nor evaluations. No subjects are banned and only creativity rules.| Physiological/Functional attributes| Quick, convenient, economic and hygienic food and beverage services. A balanced mix of Asian and Western food items, authentic cuisines between HKD20-50 per head.|

Multiple target groups should be identified. Three key target groups and their segmentation traits are discussed here using demographics, psychographics, relationship intensity and benefits sought:

Student: Aged 18-24, limited affordability, prefer to spend money on experience and experimentation: e.g. hot items, travel, partying with friends. They are on the move all the time, plenty of hobby and interest but lack of time, patience and sleep. Food is a necessary routine and all they need is a temporary rest stop. Daily users. Most important user group in value and number, about 2000+.

Teaching faculty and working staff: Aged 20+. Higher affordability. Comes in for lunch mainly, 12-2pm. Food is more than feeding hunger. Demand higher quality food and variety in choice. Daily users. Second largest user group in number, about 300+ and value. As they got more options and means to eat outside, their loyalty is lower.

Residents living in the neighborhood/Visitors: Occasional users. Lacks loyalty. Not important group during the term but key opportunity during summer break. Lowest priority. Thus our discussion will focus on the student target group from now onwards. SWOT Analysis:

Strength:Convenient location, Clean and CozyOctopus payment system, smart orderingFavorite place to meet your friendsGood value, $12-30 meals| Weakness:Limited choicesBad publicity due to unfriendly service| Opportunity:$6000 hand out from HK Gov'tStudents are experience driven: enjoy games & promotionsStudents are keen on Mobile Apps.| Threat:Rising labor cost with min. wage|


After considering the category drivers (low involvement, habitual repeat path driven by convenience and variety seeking), LNU unique product attributes, competitive landscape and student AIOs, the following positioning and perceptual map is created:

Lingnan University Student Canteen is catering for Students who seek the quick, convenient, economic and hygienic food and beverage services with a friendly, clean, relaxing and comfortable setting because LNU canteen offers a balanced mix of Asian and Western food items, cash free Octopus payment and Smart ordering system between HKD20-50 per head. It is better in value and more convenient over Fu Tai Chinese restaurant and Red Chamber cafe. Above all, it is a safe haven where everyone is equal. There is no deadline or evaluations. Your friend is here, your favorite music is in the air and your favorite dish is on the menu. Feel free to have a break!

Perceptual Map

IMC Objectives: Application of the SMART criteria and TFD framework against prioritized SWOT issues: - need to reinforce convenience and value proposition with friendly service - address need for variety with menu rotation driven by student inputs with exciting user imagery and brand purpose of LNU canteen - address bad publicity due to unfriendly service with value added promotion by proactive agenda setting

Achieve 95% awareness among all students on the new customer service offer i) no waiting in line...
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