Lindt vs Hersheys Media Analysis

Topics: Chocolate, Hershey, Pennsylvania, The Hershey Company Pages: 7 (2114 words) Published: May 22, 2011

“To make a comparison and contrast of two chocolate products/companies; Swiss chocolate company Lindt and American chocolate company Hershey, in regards to media outlets, community impacts and sustainability”

Almost everyone around the globe loves chocolate, whether it is the art or the quality they focus on, or just the taste and the brand, it is one of the highest purchased of all the confectionaries. Lindt is a premium product chocolate brand and company, established in Switzerland, which focuses on providing quality chocolate and maintaining a high brand name. Hersheys is an American icon chocolate company, which provides tasty chocolate at an affordable price and of mid range quality. This study is a comparison of the two companies which are not only on two different sides of the world but also two totally different chocolate brands.

Rodolphe Lindt, a confectioner, together with his brother August, had a thought that the moisture in the chocolate paste, which crystallised with the sugar, should be extracted during processing and adding cocoa butter (Lindt, 2011). After three days and nights, Rodolphe obtained a substance which was easy to mould, but also melted effortlessly in our mouth. Rodolphe called this chocolate substance ‘Chocolat Fondant’ which literally means melting chocolate. He then joined forces with Chocolat Sprungli AG, a chocolate manufacturing company in 1899. This then came about the ‘Sprungli and Lindt’ name, which continued to expand and now has production companies in Europe and USA, distribution and sales in Europe, Asia, Canada, Mexico and Australia as well as sales office in Dubai and Ireland (Lindt, 2011).

The Hershey’s story begins in 1894, when a candy manufacturer Milton Hershey, from Pennsylvania in America, made the decision to try adding chocolate coating to his caramels. This then grew to begin a new factory using local farms to make delicious milk chocolate and branding this new enterprise as the Hershey Chocolate Company (Hershey, 2011). In 1900, the first Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bar was enjoyed by Americans and now Hershey’s can be enjoyed by people all over America and in ninety countries including Australia.

When comparing the products and what each company provides, American Hersheys and Swiss Lindt are not only from other sides of the world but produce completely different types of chocolate. Lindt is a premium and prestige chocolate manufacturer, and one of the few chocolate manufacturers in the world which has total control over each step from the picking of the cocoa to the supply chain (Lindt, 2011). They target all markets of the globe, but focus on the prestige market of chocolate lovers who appreciate not only the taste of the chocolate but the art of it. Also from an online food review website “The Nibble” they reviewed six of Lindt’s Excellence chocolate bars and said that “Who’d have thought that such a well balanced, non-bitter, intense and highly flavourful chocolate could be so inexpensive and readily available?” (The Nibble, 2010). Lindt produces so many different types of chocolate, dark, white and milk truffles, bars and the all time most popular the hollow “Gold Bunny” which also comes in three flavours. They also produce chocolate in not only the bunny shape but also carrots, chicks, lambs and even reindeer and snowmen during Christmas time (Hubpages, 2011). Hersheys is the oldest chocolate manufacturer and company in America and an American icon for chocolate bars. Hershey is rated in line with the likes of Cadbury and Nestle, specialising in Milk Chocolate bars. Hersheys has five types of chocolate, dark chocolate, semisweet chocolate, sweet chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. The main types of chocolate, dark, white and milk, are all common for all types of chocolate companies, but semisweet and sweet...
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