Lindow Man Was a Celtic Sacrifice

Topics: Celts, Human sacrifice, Sacrifice Pages: 4 (1405 words) Published: November 25, 2006
In 1983 the remains of an ancient Celtic body was found submerged in the peat of Lindow and was given the official name of Lindow man. This 2BC to 119 AD body provided information about the ancient Celtic religion and an insight into their world. The ancient Celtics or known as Gauls or galatains was the most feared barbarians of all during the Iron Age. Not much evidence had been found about this ancient culture but the body of Lindow man and further investigation brought about awareness of this ancient civilization. Lindow man was found to have been strangled, drowned, stabbed, received numerous blows to the head and suffering horrific wounds and injuries. This was an interesting case as no other bog body had had these same inflicting wounds. So was Lindow man a human sacrifice as many archaeologists have suggested? This question has been tossed and turned many times as new evidence has disproved many theories. This essay therefore provided information to what extent is the statement true ‘Lindow man was a Celtic sacrifice'!

Through evidence, such as the Greek writings and the roman writing, this provides information about the ancient Celtic world. These authors such as Julius Caesar, Strabo and Diodorus all provided information about the Celts as the Celts did not read or write since they recorder their experiences and events through word of mouth and memory. However these writing can also be unreliable and biased as these the Greeks and Romans might have the information of the Celtic world wrong. Never the less these writers such as Julius Caesar told about ‘the overseeing bloody rituals' conducted by the druids. The druids were commonly written about as they were a powerful member of their tribe. These writings also reveal that the Celts lived in tribes, wore gold and love to fight and drink a lot of wine. Other writing reveal that the Celts were the most feared of all barbarians at that time.

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