Lincoln Electric

Topics: Minimum wage, Strategic management, Wage Pages: 3 (795 words) Published: January 13, 2011
Lincoln Electric’s CEO Massaro was correct in his assessment that, markets in developing countries would grow faster and yield a higher return. This strategy was critical and in alignment with the organization's goal to reach 50% foreign sales revenue. As president of Lincoln Asia, Mike Gillespie faces a great challenge with his decision to enter the Indonesian market. If Mr. Gillespie does decide to enter Indonesia, he must also decide whether to do it alone or through a joint venture, and how to structure employee compensation. It looks like Gillespie conducted enough corporate anthropology research to identify viable consumer product needs that Lincoln Electric will be able to provide (stick consumables vs. automatic consumables segments). I understand that investing in Indonesia offers many benefits to the organization, mostly towards increased profit margins and market share of consumable products (for further information regarding the strategic planning for entering Indonesia see Exhibit 1). However, in my opinion, Gillespie does not have enough data to make an informed decision regarding this move. Fear of a rekindled Civil War, unstable inflation rates, and other activities in the country revealed both economic and political instability. Other issues to be considered include labor issues of Indonesia 1. I would recommend further market and cultural analysis to aid his decision-making. If Gillespie decides to enter Indonesia, it is my recommendation to enter with a partner. I support this recommendation because, through his own market analysis and consultation it was identified that due to the political structure a local partner with in-depth knowledge, and political connections would be essential for success. I understand that a joint venture will decrease Lincoln Electric's profit margins, but in my opinion, the joint venture will minimize investment risk, especially if a partner is able to provide capital towards the cost of building a facility....

References: 1: Peterson Institution for International Economics. Labor and environmental issues in Indonesia.
2: George Casper Homans, Social Behavior as Exchange, 1958.
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