Lincoln by Steven Spielberg: Abraham Lincoln's Final Days

Topics: Abraham Lincoln, American Civil War, Steven Spielberg Pages: 3 (616 words) Published: April 23, 2014
Jessica Sofia
Ms. McDonough- Period 4
U.S. History II
19 February 2013
Both Spielberg and Day-Lewis report that they were intimidated by the subject of the film and by the enormity of the task. Why do you think such professionals would be afraid? The movie “Lincoln” by Steven Spielberg delivers a chance to engage into the American leader’s most terrifying and enlightening moments as he nears his final days. Revealing the last four months of Abraham Lincoln’s life and presidency, the movie “Lincoln” shows Lincoln’s plans to end the devastating Civil War and his fight to pass the thirteenth Amendment that permanently abolished slavery. This presentation is, “Brought to life via a layered screenplay by Pulitzer Prize
winner Tony Kushner, Spielberg’s starkly human
 storytelling and the performance of Daniel Day-Lewis 
leading an accomplished cast, the film invites audiences 
directly into the heart and soul of Lincoln’s final
 achievements.” This presentation of Abraham Lincoln’s final days was an enormous task that was surely extremely intimidating. When Abraham Lincoln left the face of the earth he was never forgotten. In fact, Lincoln left a huge impact on the United States that will be forever cemented in history. However, many people nowadays view Abraham Lincoln as nearly a giant monument, and this was something Steven Spielberg wanted to change. Steven Spielberg wanted to show the people of the United States that what Abraham Lincoln accomplished was truly monumental, however Abraham Lincoln was a man not a monument. The huge impact that Abraham Lincoln made on the United States in four months was now being condensed into the length of a movie. Steven Spielberg wanted this movie to impress the audience and show them how amazing Abraham Lincoln truly was.

While Steven Spielberg had the responsibility of directing and producing this production, Daniel Day-Lewis played the lead role of Abraham Lincoln. Daniel Day-Lewis had to transform himself...

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