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Lincoln and Kennedy Assassination Similarities

By viamango Oct 12, 2013 276 Words
Similarities between the Lincoln and Kennedy Assassinations

Both American presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy (JFK)

were tragically assassinated during their terms in office. Both men,

admired by many, were hated by many who opposed their political views.

Very shortly after the Kennedy assassination in November of 1963, a

strikingly similar comparison of the circumstances of his death and the

death of Lincoln in 1865 surfaced media everywhere. These comparisons

have both fueled conspiracies and pointed out some amazingly specific

coincidences. Some examples include:

-Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846/Kennedy was elected to

Congress in 1946

-Lincoln was elected president in 1860/Kennedy was elected president in


-Both of their wives lost a child while living in the White House

-Both were directly concerned with Civil Rights

-Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy who warned him not to go to the

theater/Kennedy had a secretary named Lincoln who warned him not to

go to Dallas

-Both were shot in the back of the head in front of their wives

-Lincoln was shot in the Ford Theatre/Kennedy was shot in a Lincoln

(made by Ford)

-Both shot on Fridays

-Booth shot Lincoln in a theater and fled to a warehouse/Oswald shot

Kennedy from a warehouse and fled to a theater

-Both assassins were killed before being brought to trial

-Lincoln's successor was Andrew Johnson (born in 1808)/Kennedy's

successor was Lyndon Johnson (born in 1908)

-both president's last names contain 7 letters

While entertaining, most people argue that these coincidences could have

occurred to anyone. Several say that similarities between two people can

be found easily with a small analysis. Nevertheless, the conspiracy

boggles the minds of Americans daily.

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