Limonene Contained in Orange Oil as an Alternative Source of Energy to Produce Heat

Topics: Animal, Invertebrate, Cnidaria Pages: 2 (303 words) Published: September 10, 2011
Unit Test
Science V
I. Match the animals with how they get and eat their food. Write only the letter. 1. Snakea. sucking blood with their tiny tubes
2. Frogb.using beaks to get their prey
3. Birdsc. coiling their bodies to their prey
4. Lion d. catching insects with their sticky tongue
5. Mosquitoes e. tearing meat with their strong pointed teeth B.
1. mammalsa. they have dry scaly skin
2. birdsb. they have mammary gland that produce milk to feed
Their youngs
3. reptilesc. they live both in land and in water
4. amphibiansd. they have gills to breathe and fins to swim 5. fishe. they have feathers to fly.

1. vertebratesa. They are either rounds, flat or segmented 2. invertebratesb. they are soft – bodied animals
3. mollusksc. They are jointed – legged animals
4. echinodermsd. They are spiny-skinned animals
5. poriferans e. They are hollow-bodied animals
6. arthropodsf. They are pore – bearing animals
7. wormsg. animals with backbone
8. coelenteratesh. animals without backbone

1. Arachnidsa. worms having unsegmented bodies
2. insectsb. worms having segmented bodies
3. crustaceansc. worms with flat bodies
4. myriapodsd. arthropods with 8 legs
5. platyhelminthese. arthropods with 6 legs
6. annelidsf. arthropods with 10 legs
7. nematodsg. more than 10 legs

II. Classify the following vertebrate animals. Write them in proper column.


Mammals| Birds| Reptiles| Amphibians| Fish|
| | | | |
| | | | |
| | | | |
Classify the following invertebrate animals. Write them in the table below.
Hydraspongessea anemonecoralsliver flukeleech
Oystersnailsea lilybrittle starmitetick

arthroppods| coelenterates| mollusks...
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