Limitless A.P Psych Film Analysis

Topics: Opioid, Addiction, Morphine, Heroin, Psychoactive drug, Physical dependence / Pages: 4 (1228 words) / Published: Jan 13th, 2015
Catherine Gay
A.P. Psychology
10 November 2014

Film Analysis Essay
The movie “Limitless” is the story of Eddie Morra and how the miracle drug NZT-48 allows him to have full access of his brain. But he learns that the drug isn't as crystal clear as it looks. Along the way he will deal with side effects, death, and a stalker. Throughout the move we can clearly see that this drug is progressively getting more deadly.
In the movie “Limitless”, it is clear that NZT-48 is a psychoactive drug. A psychoactive drug is one that modifies brain functions, resulting in a change of mood, perception, behaviour, or cognition. Not only did Eddie have a higher cognition, but his behaviour changed too. He had such a high cognition, he was able to learn a language just by listening to it, or how the stock market works by reading about it. He was able to see patterns in the stock market and predict what it would do, and remember long forgotten memories. Memories that he didn't even know he still had. NZT changed Eddie’s behaviours into that of a more responsible man, and it helped
Milissa to be more disciplined. Eddie was able to make deadlines, while when Melissa was in college she was able to study longer and retain more information.
NZT causes physical dependence by forcing Eddie to take twice the dosage after some time, in order to receive the same effects as when he first started taking it. Also, after Melissa stops taking the drug, she becomes severely ill, and can't concentrate for more than ten minutes. Her body relied on NZT so much, that when she stopped taking it, her body basically had to relearn how to function without the drug. Her brain even became so dependant on NZT that it was never able to go back to its normal state of function.
NZT causes psychological dependence by showing the user what it is like to have full access to their brain. Once these people see how wonderful it is to have this capability, they don't want the feeling to ever stop. They think

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