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A brief history of

Sadguru Sri Sri Sri Sajjanagada Ramaswamy garu
the Pontiff (Peethaadhipathi) of Sripada Srivallabha Maha
Samsthanam (birthplace of Sripada Srivallabha)

the (genesis) formation of Sripada Srivallabha Maha
Samsthanam, some important incidents relating to it.

The birth of Sripada Srivallabha Maha Samsthanam is beyond the thoughts of human beings! Astonishing!! Extremely amazing!!! This Sripada Srivallabha Maha Samsthanam of today is
the Organization that took it's birth
in the birth place of Sree Sripada at Sree Kshethra Pithapuram. This is due to the relentless efforts day in and day out of
Sri Sajjangadh Ramaswamy, a disciple of Sree Sridharaswamy.
All this is happened by the grace of Dattaavadhoota Bhagawan Sree Sridharaswamy on Sri Ramaswamy garu according to the will of Sripada Srivallabha only.

The step of Sri Ramaswamy garu first time in Pithapuram in 1966 is a prelude to the founding of

Sripada Srivallabha Maha Samsthanam!

This Sree Kshethra Pithapuram is shaped into
an important Datta Kshethra in 'Bharathavarsha' and is flourishing on account of Sri Sajjanagada Ramaswamy's ..........
effort in renovating the dilapidated temple of
Self-manifested Datta in Sree Kshethra Pithapuram
the propaganda carried out to make
all people aware of the existence of Sree Sripada
who incarnated in Sree Kshethra Pithapuram!!
Not only that, when many prominent persons, avadhootas
and Datta devotees are coming to this Sree Kshethra
Pithapuram to have darshan of Sree Sripada
this holy Kshethra is overwhelmed with joy!

Gurudevadatta Sripada Srivallabhaya Namaha!!

Brief biography of
Sri Sri Sri Sajjangadh Ramaswamy garu
Sadguru Sri Sir Ramaswamy garu was born in the
year 1925 in Sivamogga village in Karnataka on
Kartika Suddha Dasami to the couple Sri Mallarappa
and Srimati Padmavatamma. Those parents were devotees

of Sree Rama. Therefore, they named their son as Ramaswamy.
From childhood Sri Ramaswamy was showing more interest
in poojas and bhajans than on sports and songs. Even from
childhood after studying, reading and writing he used to
sit near his mother and was reading Ramayana and
Bhagavatham for her. The maternal grandmother of Sri Rama
swamy garu also belonged to Sivamogga. She was also a devotee of Rama. Whenever he was visiting his maternal grandmother's house he used to go to a nearby Rama's temple. He was witnessing the poojas conducted there and used to be immersed in deep

His father Sri Mallarappa garu used to organize the festival of Sri Rama and bhajans with great devotion. Sri Ramaswamy garu who was a child then was cooperating to his father in those
programmes with great enthusiasm. Not only that. Sri Ramaswamy garu also was gathering all children of his age and performing the festival of Sri Rama in his house with the assistance of his sister in grand style.

high school, Sri Ramaswamy made a habit of reading
Bhagavatham under a big tree in the school compound.
Sri Ramaswamy garu who had the grace of God was learning
lessons of the advanced classes by his own experience. Then
the teachers were telling Sri Ramaswamy garu that he would
become a great person in future. Sri Ramaswamy garu was
thinking at that time that he would become a wealthy person. Nevertheless, Sri Ramaswamy garu by the grace of his Guru
Sri Sridharaswamy became an affluent persons of a higher
order in Spiritual path instead of an ordinary rich man.
Sri Ramaswamy garu was participating in the bhajans held in
Rama's temple during evening times and was feeling happy. Gradually a desire to hear Puranas and holy stories began to shine in him. In the evening, in the house of his maternal grand mother a priest called Ananta Rama Iyyengar was reading Ramayana and Bhagavata. Sometimes during that reading God Maruti was possessing

Sri Iyyengar. On one such occasion Sri Iyyengar suggested to Sri Ramaswamy garu that the name Rama-namaTaraka was
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