Limitations of Study

Topics: Source, Data, Respondent Pages: 2 (374 words) Published: May 18, 2012
1)The possibility of respondent’s responses being biased cannot be ruled out.2)Limited access to secondary data pertaining to Havells performance in other regions or any other information was another problem in finding a correctresponse.3)Since a smaller sample was chosen so it may not be true representative of  population under study.4)Most of the times people don’t give appropriate information.5)Mostly retailers don’t want to give accurate information and act rudely.6)The survey was to be conducted in a limited span of time (6 weeks) which also posed a limiting factor.7)The retailers are so busy in their bus

The development of Research plan has the following Steps
a.) Data Sources
Two types of data were taken into consideration i.e. Primary data and Secondary data.My major emphasis was on gathering the primary data. The secondary data has beenused to make things more clear.i. Primary Data:

Direct collection of data from the source of information,including personal interviewing, survey etc.ii. Secondary Data:
Indirect collection of data from sources containing past or recent information like, Annual Publications, Books, Newspaper andMagazines etc.

Collecting the information
The collection of data is a tedious task. For conducting any sort of research data wasneeded. So for my research, there was plenty of primary data and for increasing thevalidity of information collected, some books, journals, pamphlets, information about thecompany were studied and taken into considerations. After this, I have collected theinformation from the respondents with the help of questionnaire. a.) Collection of Primary Data:

Primary Data is the data collected from theoriginal source. In my survey and study, there was optimum availability of  primary data because every aspect was witnesses carefully at each point.Questionnaire and personal interviews were the main instruments, which wereused for collecting primary data. b.) Collection of...
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