Lilies of Yesterday

Topics: Girl, Short story, Woman Pages: 4 (1238 words) Published: July 31, 2013
Lilia Pablo Amansec
The short story uses a 3rd person limited point of view. We are only given access to the thoughts of the main character, Lily. We are able to be knowledgeable of what events are happening or what the other characters look and behave through the eyes and thoughts of the protagonist. We know nothing about the thoughts of the people around her. CHARACTERS

1. Lily
* She is the main character of the story.
* In paragraphs 1 to 2 that she very much loves sleeping. * We are also given the impression that she is always late for breakfast because there were more important matters to her, matters that promised to take the pain away. [par. 4 “Puntuality and punctiliousness.. She suffered them all.. until other considerations.. like dreams, sleep and night, became more important.” par.5 “And so she was late again”] Garingalao – page 2

* She is 12 years old, the age between childhood and teenage years. [par.11 “It’s my twelth!”] * Although she refuses to be prettified, deep down, she secretly wants to. She want to create herself but as a completely different person. [par. 11 “I don’t need rogue!.. She would have liked to see a splash of vermilion on her cheeks like what she saw on the glowing gorgeous women..” par.12 “she would try it.. so that another person appeared in the mirror..”] * She is excited to grow up. [par.31 “Oh, I’m so excited!.. in four more years we’ll be wearing high heels!”] * Love, for her, is a delicate, precious thing. [par.1 “Love, even at her age, was a delicate, precious thing.” par.42 “Love was a delicate, precious thing. It was not to be discovered among strangers; nor was it to be despised among friends.”] * She is religious. [par. 20 “.. I love God, His angels, and His saints..] 2. Lily’s Mother

* She would send Lily to an all girls’ school when she turns 13. [par.17 “Mother had always stoutly maintained that 13-year-old girls should go only to...
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