Likert Scales

Topics: Pharmacology, Illegal drug trade, Crime Pages: 3 (747 words) Published: April 2, 2010
A Closer Look at the Age, Peers and Delinquency Relationship Daniel P. Mears and Samuel H. Field
Western Criminology Review 4 (1), 20-29 (2002)
Research Summary:
Two suppositions were explored. First, a communal association between delinquent peer-groups and the significance of age as it is influencedamong older youth. The second (keeping in the direction of the theoretical focus), epitomized that substance-abuse-related offenses would have a greater correlation in the relationship between delinquent peers and age. For each violation dependent variables were used, with each offender asked the specific amount of times the offense was committed in the past year. "The mean values for the offenses, range from a low of .05 for burglary to a high of 24.00 for the use of marijuana." (Mears & H.Field,2002). The analysis with regard to the deviant self-reported acts uncovers the fact that there is a significant age/peer interaction for each violation, omitting hitting someone. The principal finding to note is,"that the expected pattern of age/peer interactions is most evident for using marijuana; getting drunk; and, to a lesser extent, selling illegal drugs, using prescription drugs, burglary, and the offense index. The steady progression in the increasing effect of peers for these offenses can be seen by noting the size and direction of the increase in the interaction coefficients from one age to the next”(Mears & H.Field,2002). For the crimes of: cheating, damaging property, stealing items less than $5, and more than $50, and hitting someone, the nature and tenacity appear to be less apparent. With regard to these offenses, the effects of the “influence-of-peers-relationship,” seem to lessen. The researchers gave additional analysis to examine the effects of the linkage between heightened delinquency that may be reinforced by increased influence of peers and reducedtime spent with the family model. When included, the variables of peer...
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