Likely Impact of MIS on the Global Glass Industry

Pages: 3 (956 words) Published: November 5, 2012
Likely Future Impacts of MIS on the Glass Industry

China looks set to dominate various markets in the near future (Hughes, M (2011) Week 3 “IS in a Changing World”, MS102, National University of Ireland Galway, unpublished) The glass industry should be a target for them. China is the best in the world for glass production and consumption. China’s flat glass production accounts for 40 per cent of the world today, which is about 38 million tons per year, and the processed glass industry is improving quickly. (Wenyi, M.O Professor of the Chinese Ceramic Society, “Review and Prospect of the Glass Industry in China”)

According to incomplete statistics from 2004, the production scale of insulated glass reached 130 million square metres, and production amounted to 45 million square metres. China’s glass machinery sector has become a new boom industry, and although the Chinese glass industry has made great steps, there is still a large gap between China and advanced countries abroad. China’s flat glass industry consumes more natural resources, energy costs are higher, technology and equipment levels are relatively low, product mix is not feasible, and the processed glass ratio is low. There are lots of manufacturers, but the production scale is small, industry concentration is low, and research and development capitalization is weak. (Wenyi, M.O Professor of the Chinese Ceramic Society, “Review and Prospect of the Glass Industry in China”).

Innovations in future technology within the glass industry are going to be vital for firms within the industry to utilize if they are going to stay competitive taking into consideration the probable advancement of the Chinese Industry. The US glass industry alone spends 1.6 billion a year on energy and (energy costs) accounts for 14% of the cost of production (Ernest Worrel et al 2008).

This leaves huge scope for firms to enable energy saving and thus cost saving technology. A report entitled “Energy Efficiency...
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