Like a Rolling Stone

Topics: English-language films, Woman, Female Pages: 1 (438 words) Published: May 8, 2006

Like a Rolling Stone was written by Bob Dylan in 1965. This is one of his most infamous songs which many people have written songs based on. Also the famous magazine Rolling Stone was retrieve from this song (or so Mr. Speizle says.) This song has many interesting quotes said within each stanza; a story which talks about the life of a lady who is considered a ‘Rolling Stone.' This piece of literature particularly talks about the lifestyle of a young lady and the drastic changes she went through. In the beginning of the poem, she was the type of girl many young females want to be like today. She was a well dressed and fortunate girl who seem to have a lot of things that others were not granted. In today society many young people would call her a dime piece. She did not have to worrying about things and became spoiled because of how well- privileged she was. Therefore despite everyone's warning that her time would come were she would ‘fall' she did not heed to what they said. The second stanza is repeated throughout the whole song. Here we get the picture that this lady who was once well privileged had nothing not even a home. This is how the title of a rolling stone fell upon her. She was an outcast from what she once considered her home. This is an example of how even people with the finer things in life could wound up with nothing. Proving that its not were you come from but it is were you go. She went to the finest school yet she wounded up with no job. She was so used to people doing things for her she was not able to stand on her own two feet. This woman became a prostitute doing things that she said she would never do. Now that she is out on the street she sold herself sexually to survive. The people she once laughed at she had became. This is just another lesson of never say never. "They're drinkin', thinkin' that they got it made" quote from one of the last stanzas talks about how all the people the woman previously hung around felt...
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