Like Water Like Chocolate

Topics: Love, Interpersonal relationship, Wuthering Heights Pages: 2 (749 words) Published: April 21, 2009
In the [pic]book Like Water for Chocolate, Tita has to choose between passion or stability. There is no man in between with whom she can spend her life. Though Pedro is not very caring and supportive, he and Tita have an enormous [pic]passion for one another. John does all he can to make Tita happy and cares about her a lot, but this is not enough to overcome their lack of [pic]passion.

The movie The Notebook is a story about a girl named Allie who falls in love with Noah when she is a teenager. Noah is not as economically well off as Allie, but they are in love. They are separated by Allie's parents, who disapprove of Noah's poor family and move away with Allie. For an entire year, Noah writes to her daily, but her mother doesn't show Allie the letters. After not hearing from each other for a year, they decide to give up. Allie [pic]falls in love with Lon, a rich soldier who her parents approve of. Soon after, Allie sees a picture in the newspaper of Noah standing in front of the house that he promised to build her years before. Allie realizes that Noah must still love her and goes to visit him. Their [pic]passion still exists and Allie has to choose between being with Noah, her first love, or living her life with Lon, a stable man who her [pic]family approves of.

In the end, Allie chooses to be with Noah. She realizes that she needs [pic]passion. [pic]Passion is more important to her than the stability Lon provides and than her parents' approval. For both Tita and Allie, their strong [pic]passion overcomes everything, including parental approval and any security. They prefer to be with the man they truly love.

[pic]Passion doesn't last forever, but it's a necessity. You can't have a romantic relationship without the [pic]passion. Without [pic]passion, you merely have a friendship. On the other hand, if you don't have comfort and [pic]security in your relationship, and the [pic]passion dies out, you are left with nothing. When you have...
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