"Like water for profit" Summary

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In the article “Like water for profit”, by Diane Halen-Sukra, she discusses the looming importance of the campaigns surrounding the privatization of water. The article discusses how the government, and private companies are looking to privatize public water systems in municipalities around Canada. Which at the very center from a citizen standpoint is a horrific thing as essentially they are looking for take a human necessity and use it for their profit. The article moves on to discuss how there have been many attempts to privatize municipal water systems throughout Canada, and all have failed thus far. With private companies looking for the perfect target, to help show that privatization may not be such a bad thing after all. They found Mission, and Abbotsford, BC, which had many attributes that these corporations were looking for. The author states, “Positive community attributes being searched for included; weak voter turnout, a conservative voting population, a compliant municipal council, and corporate controlled local press. Water privatization proponents got all of this and so much more with the bedroom communities of Mission and Abbotsford, BC, which share a joint water commission.”

Water privatization began as an idea in the early 1990’s, where corporate campaigners promoted all forms of privatization throughout Canada. Where they quickly gained momentum through more favourable synonyms such as “alternative service delivery”, and “public privatepartnerships, and became known as “Canadian Council for Public Private Partnerships”. They quickly managed to get their hands on a couple communities that were hurting for tax dollars, and implemented their privatization systems. Where the projects were disastrous and short-lived. Despite the many failures, these organizations managed to carry on as every time one of their projects ended in failure they managed to find a way to...

References: Halen-Sukra, D. (2012). Like water for profit. Our Times.
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