Like Water for Chocolate and the Mexican Revolution

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Peral Deena
English 1
19 May 2013
Like Water For Chocolate Research Summary
The Mexican Revolutionary is an aspect of Like water for Chocolate. It is kind of more like a theme. Themes like love , family, and food. Without the recipes the story wouldn’t be as interesting. The Mexican Revolutionary has a big impact on the storyline but it doesn’t really affect the actual meaning of the story.

We mostly see the revolution as a concept in the background that makes life more difficult on the ranch. The food that Tita makes and the cruelty Mama Elena puts on Tita and her children is a way of them to show how they feel throughout the story and how they control their feelings towards each other.

The Mexican Revolution was a time of change. The conflicts created as the rebels fought the old government because they disagreed with the political situation. Similar conflicts happened in the story. Mama Elena can be seen as an example of the government who imposes old laws. Mama Elena’s family tradition should be that Tita may not marry and must look after her mother, Mama Elena until Mama Elena dies. Tita is like the rebel, she disagrees with mama Elena’s rule, which creates trouble, and death on the ranch which causes a war.

The revolution was not part of Mexico’s civil wars. It extended to earlier years with the War of Reform and the War of Independence. The tradition for bidding Tita to love Pedro did not start off with Mama Elena. It started off in their family from their past many many years ago. The connection in this story and the Mexican Revolution is just that they revolved in a revolution. In both cases, everything and everyone is through a period of change and difficulty in the family.

Tita disagreed with Mama Elena’s traditions and hates her for enforcing them so harshly. Tita eventually comes to despise Rosaura for planning to have Esperanza care for her until death. Tita does many things to avoid these traditions and in a...
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