Like Water for Chocolate

Topics: Love, Marriage, Like Water for Chocolate Pages: 3 (1066 words) Published: July 11, 2011
Like Water for Chocolate (Tradition)

I just finished reading a great book called Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquiviel. Food is a major part of the story, and it is somewhat obvious as the title itself is about food. The novel carries many of the culinary traditions that Mexicans find very important in their culture. Mexican women play a big role in domestic life and must know how to prepare food. The ability of Mexican women to create dishes for every occasion is one that has become a great tradition in Mexico. This is a romance tragedy novel that takes place in Mexico during the Revolution. It is a tale of true love, family traditions and family secrets. This book is very unique and unlike other books because the book is divided into twelve sections named after the months of the year. Each chapter begins with a new recipe, and these recipes are used to tell Tita’s life story. In Like Water for Chocolate food symbolizes a simple, beautiful concept of expression. The book focuses strictly on tradition and the three De La Garza sisters who possess different personalities. Tita, the main character in Laura Esquivel’s Like Water for Chocolate has gone through much pain and suffering in her life. Mama Elena, Tita’s mother, has been cruel and ruthless with Tita, causing her great emotional distress. Tradition is an important part of life during Tita's time. In fact, it is tradition that keeps Tita and Pedro apart, even though Tita and Pedro are fiercely in love. The only way she can express herself is through her cooking. Tita is the victim of her Mexican tradition and because of that she is forbidden to marry or have children until after her mother's death. Tita was always agreeable to this situation until she fell in love with young Pedro. Tita has many negative traditions that she has to struggle against. By family tradition, Tita, as the youngest daughter, is fated to care for her mother till her mother's death. She cannot marry, cannot have children,...
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