Like Water for Chocolate

Topics: Like Water for Chocolate, Cooking, Emotion Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: April 26, 2011

Como Agua Para Chocolate, directed by Alfonso Arau, is a film that uses the magical realism literary element. There are many examples of this element in "Like Water for Chocolate" . Several examples are showcased throughout the film of magical realism. Most importantly, Tita's recipes have weird effects on the people who consume them when people eat Tita's foods, It is as if whatever emotion Tita is feeling when she cooks, gets made INTO her food and then that feeling is then transferred to the eaters of her foods. Other examples of magical realism in the film are how she is getting visits by spirits, and how when she cries, she cries actual "rivers" of tears, so people always tell her to st The main element portrayed throughout the movie is Tita’s transfer of emotion into her cooking. Tita was forced to suppress her emotions because her strict, controlling mother did not allow her to love another and made her stay home to take care of her until her death. Another important element was the only way Tita has to express herself is through cooking, where she literally puts herself into her cooking. The emotion she cooks into her food affects all who eat it. When Rosaura and Pedro were to get married, Tita’s tears fell into the cake batter which led to weeping and sorrow at the wedding as everyone ate the cake. Also, when Pedro delivered flowers to Tita, she cooked the rose petals into a sauce full of love. When the guests ate the sauce, they were full of love and sexual feelings. This reminds me of the saying “you are what you eat;” Tita put emotion into the food so that people who feel that as they ate the food.  The other main element of magical realism seen in the movie was when Tita’s mother returned after her death. Elena showed up the night of the bonfire and continued to torture Tita. Tita told her mother that she hated her and did not want to be bothered by her any longer. With this her mother was vanished and left Tita alone. I...
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