Like Water for Chocolate

Topics: Love, Emotion, Like Water for Chocolate Pages: 2 (1180 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Like Water For Chocolate tells the story of Tita De La Garza, the youngest daughter of Mama Elena. She is protagonist of the story who strives for love, freedom, and individuality while Mama Elena is the chief-antagonist, who stands as the prime opposition to the fulfillment of these goals. This mother-daughter relationship is filled with difficulty from the start, when Tita is brought into the world too soon after her father's sudden death. Mama Elena is the opposite of a nurturer, never producing any bond with Tita. Tita develops a relationship with food that gives her the power to nurture and give outlet to her emotions. As with most literary pairings, Tita and Mama Elena share a central characteristic that defines both their individual struggles and their conflict with each other. It showed that Mama Elena herself suffered the pains of lost love is an important part to Tita's deprivation. The reaction of each woman to her difficulty helps describe their differing characters. Whereas Mama Elena lets the loss of love turn her into a sinister and domineering mother, Tita, while obeying her mother's command, engages in a lifelong struggle for love, which she eventually wins through the strength of spirit. Each installment features a recipe to start each chapter. The major affairs of these recipes are linked throughout the retelling of the story by Esperanza, who is the niece of Tita. She opens the novel by informing the reader about the birth of Tita, who has born in the kitchen while crying in the flood of tears which would foreshadows the grief and desire that will pass through her later life. Tita also has spent most of her childhood in kitchen, because her mother, Mama Elena gave her to Nacha, who is a house cook. Outside the kitchen, Tita follows the difficult routine that her mother, Mama Elena sets for her daughters, which is full of food preparation, cleaning, and prayer. One day the routine got interrupted by Pedro Marquiz arrived at their house to ask...
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