Like Water for Chocolate

Topics: Somatosensory system, Bread, Childhood Pages: 4 (1569 words) Published: March 11, 2007
An Analysis of the significance of the Three Kings Day bread in Like Water for Chocolate; how does the memory of the Three King's Day bread reveal Tita's attitude towards her current relationship with her family?

Tita's revelation of the Three King's Day Bread addresses the thematic core of the novel Like Water for Chocolate, revealing her exasperation towards her apparent disloyalty to the family suggesting one of the novel's major themes. That theme is Tita's repudiation of maintaining a virtuous loyalty to family tradition, for it negates individual expression, and the importances of living life in the same light that the childhood innocence of the quote suggests. It also explains the main point that Esquivel is trying to get across, that life is full of unexpected obstacles and those who are willing to overcome them are the ones who will achieve their true happiness. Therefore, through the use of evocative imagery and flashbacks, Esquivel illustrates Tita's despondent attitude towards her relationship with her family. Throughout the quote on page 167-168, Esquivel uses nostalgic imagery to convey Tita's pessimistic attitude towards her family by describing images of her childhood experiences. One of the five senses that Esquivel utilizes to convey Tita's attitude is olfaction. Through the sense of smell, Tita is able to recognize her emotions about others. For example, Tita remembers most of the traditional recipes by the aromas that Nacha unleashed in her cooking, inducing the "happy days when [she] was with her" (Esquivel 167) causing Tita to associate her perceptions of other characters through food. "The smells: her noodle soup, her chilaquiles…her seasoning, her teas, her laugh, her herbal remedies…[her cooking] what she craved and whipped the chocolate" (Esquivel 167) all echo optimistic attitudes about Nacha because that was the only facet of imagery that Tita could associate to Nacha. Other features of imagery include visual...
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