Like The Sun Essay

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In the short story, ​
Like the Sun, ​
author R.K. Narayan expresses the importance of telling the
truth, being honorable, and imposes the consequences of telling the truth. In this short story the main character Sekhar reflects on truth and decides to tell the complete truth for one whole day. He goes through a series of challenges throughout the day, but still sticks to his promise to tell the truth. Sekhar believed this was an honorable thing to do. In the end though he has to face the consequences of being honorable and telling the truth.

The first point in this short story is the importance of telling the truth. Sekhar believed that we must give and take absolute truth whatever may happen;otherwise, life is not worth living. This is true because if you can’t tell the truth and you live your life based on lies, well, then you’re not really living. You’re just existing behind a facade of delusional reality, and in the end you will just end up hurting yourself. If you can’t live your life on truth, you have no life at all. The second point of this story is being honorable. This ties in with the importance of telling the truth. If you tell the truth all in all you’re an honorable person. No matter what the consequences of telling the truth may hold. Sekhar was an example of this. He told the truth and in turn got hit with some hard consequences, but in the end he was appreciated. He was an honorable person.

The last point of this story is the consequences of telling the truth. While telling the truth is a good thing it still hurts. Therefore, people will get you back or take a revenge of sorts. Sekhar consequence for telling the truth to his boss was to grade one-hundred test papers in a day to be able to turn them in the next day. It was a small price to pay for the luxury of practicing the truth. All in all telling the truth is something more people need to practice. The truth may hurt, but nonetheless it is needed. People need to work on being more...
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