Lighting Needs of Houses in Newbold Crossing

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Glare problems; snow or bare ground

Newbold is situated in the rural north-west sector of NSW, with Clarence River been the main body of water that passes directly through the area. According to results conducted by the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (2009) the turbidity of this large body of water appears to be fair to poor. Turbidity takes into account suspended solids in the water and measures the clarity, absorption of light and the amount of light which gets scattered causing little to no glare to houses on the banks of the river.

The topography of Newbold is mainly flat with a couple of gentle slopes, which consists of grass land, bare ground and the remainder of the area been surrounded by trees. As the majority of the days throughout the year are sunny with little or no overcast shadows. This means that there is an abundant amount of sunlight which hits the pasture and bare ground with the majority of the amount of sunlight been absorbed with small amounts uv-rays that bounce off and create minimal to no discomfort to the eyes. Pretoria in South Africa is geographically the same in essence as Newbold Crossing in NSW as the same phenomena with glare occurs there.

Clarence Way, Newbold NSW 2460

Natural and artificial methods of lighting

Ndebele houses in Pretoria, South Africa only had one opening which was the entrance into the house. As displayed in the picture below the entrance was typically facing the south, this meant that minimal amount of light entered the building. The source of light came from a fire which was set in the middle of the hut.

Image 1 Ndebele traditional huts

Traditional houses in Pretoria, South Africa have always aimed at eliminating the maximum amount of sunlight that could penetrate their huts. But through the years their huts have evolved and changed due to the influences that they had from the Sotho and...
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