Light Weight Material for Automobile

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Automobile, Emission standard Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: June 20, 2013
General segment car with light weight alloys and metal matrix composites 1.1 Analysis
An automobile is a single biggest polluter, as emissions from millions of vehicles add up.  As motor vehicles have been huge sources of pollution for the world since the last hundred years, the major car companies and market see profit by introducing some new technologies to reduce emission and delivering best solutions to customers. One of the major reasons for emission is weight of the vehicle. As weight increases carbon emission increases and fuel efficiency decreases. Both equally reduce customer perceptions. Present market battles to reduce carbon emissions and to fulfill customer demands for highly fuel efficient vehicles. As the above statement is top priority in present market and coming future, metallic parts of a general segment car will be replaced by light weight alloys by coming decades. However significant cost challenges are there for using light weight materials from manufacturing process to end life cycle. Smartly tackling of this cost will be the key to market applications. 1.2Strategic sense which helps to make light weighting vehicles

Global warming, global fuel prices and fuel demands are going to a critical situation, which makes human to think alternatively. As more fuel uses, more CO2 produces. If majority of vehicles made by steels are replaced by lightweight vehicles, it will reduce the global fuel needs. As this initiative makes very good advantages to world, it will get a lot of co-operation from other industries governments and political systems.

Technologically and economically there are a lot of challenges and things to be done. Much R&D works to do. Right from material selection, product design, process design, manufacturing methods, joining methods all has to be redesign for established organizations. It is a very big challenge. 1.3 Initiatives taken to make light weighting vehicles

To achieve a light weight structures, without...
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