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Light vs Dark

By abigaillmay Jan 29, 2013 348 Words
Abby May
Contrast Essay
English 3rd hour
William Shakespeare is considered by some to be to most incredible playwright and author of all time. After reading his work Romeo and Juliet it became evident that a consistent theme was light vs. dark. He uses these to portray events in his life, to create understanding for the reader, and to create a more in-depth and rich story.

"Juliet is the sun [and he calls her to] Arise . . . and kill the envious moon" (2.2.3-4). This quote can describe an event in his life regarding his relationship with his wife. He had a rough relationship with her, and we will often find him complaining about it, or describing it to the reader through his plays. Shakespeare would do this often, and from that we could push it off as him complaining about his life.

He uses the contrast of light and dark for several reasons. One of his reasons is to complain about his relationships, and his life. Another reason is to further build the differences that he shows through his stories. He will use light and dark to explain to the reader, and elaborate on how different both sides are.

Lastly, Shakespeare used this contrast to create a more in-depth and enriched story. With the ongoing battle of good vs. evil, or light vs. dark in his stories it gives him the ability to layer his plot. Shakespeare is an immensely talented writer, and using this only lets the reader understand how talented he really is. The light vs. dark added layers to his plot, and this is what truly would separate him from other writers.

Shakespeare used the light vs. dark concept for many reasons. He wanted to complain about his life in a contrasting way. Shakespeare wanted to make it easier for the reader to understand with a blatant battle occurring. Lastly, Shakespeare used this concept to layer his plots and make his stories richer. Shakespeare in incredibly talented and by using these contrasts it just shows how good he truly is.

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