light theory

Topics: Light, Electromagnetic radiation, Wavelength Pages: 1 (550 words) Published: January 8, 2014

Historical Milestones Development of Light Theory

2. Historical Development Isaac Newton – Particle Theory & Prism Christiaan Huygens – Wave Theory Thomas Young – Double-Slit Experiment James Maxwell – Electromagnetic Theory Heinrich Hertz – Radiowaves & Wireless Experiment William Roentgen – X-rays Max Planck – Radiation Theory Albert Einstein – Photo Model •3. Isaac Newton (1642-1727)  Particle Model of Light (1671)  Light rays is comprised of a stream of massless particles •4. Particle Model of Light (1671) Explains straight-line propagation of light:  Follows laws of reflection and refraction Explains colours of light:  White light contains different colour particles  Prism sorts the different particles of light •5. Christiaan Huygens (1629-1695) Wave Theory (1678) Light is a wave that can transfer energy without transferring matter Light waves have varying wavelengths, frequencies, speeds and amplitude •6. Wave Theory (1678) Follows laws of reflection and refraction Explains diffraction: the effect of waves when encountering an obstacle  Constructive and destructive interference •7. Wave Theory  Waves are additive: constructive interference  Example: waves in the ocean are bigger when more than one wave moves together  Waves are subtractive: destructive interference  A wave that meets a trough of equal amplitude cancel each other out (net zero amplitude) •8. Thomas Young (1773 – 1829)  Wave Theory of Light  Proved that light propagates as a wave  Performed an experiment that demonstrated interference patterns in light that followed the rules of diffraction seen in water waves •9. A coherent light is shone through a thin plate...
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