Light Pollution

Topics: Environmentalism, Lighting, Light pollution Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: April 14, 2013
The environmental consequences of light pollution

|1 |Imagine yourself walking on the 18th September square at the center of Eindhoven at midnight. The stones where you are walking on are | |2 |illuminated. When you look at your left side, you could see the Bijenkorf with all its colored panels. When you look up, you see trees | |3 |decorated with lights. It is a beautiful sight, but it is questionable whether all those lights are necessary. | |4 | | | |When artificial light illuminates more than its intended target area, one can speak of light pollution. In the past, light at night was| |5 |only used to illuminate the street. Nowadays, lights illuminate much more than just the streets. Think of billboards and shopping | |6 |centers, which are most of the time over-illuminated. Al those lights bring along major environmental effects. These environmental | |7 |consequences of light pollution and possible solutions will be discussed below. | |8 | | |9 |The two main environmental consequences of light pollution are the threat to wildlife and air pollution. Birds in the sky are all | | |disorientated by all the light in the sky at night; they are confused about their day and night rhythm. Besides, some birds will kill | |10 |themselves by flying against billboards which they were not expecting. Because most of the country’s power plants are still powered by | |11 |fossil fuels, more light means more air pollution. Besides, unnecessary use of exhaustible resources (fossil fuels) to produce light | |12 |must come to an end....
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