Light in the forest report

Topics: Difference, Character, Protagonist Pages: 3 (485 words) Published: January 20, 2014

have you ever thought about what would happen if you got stolen as a young child and taken

into Indian culture then 11 years later brought back home? Well that is what the main character in The

Light In The Forest has to go through this.

There are many differences between the book and the movie about the characters in The Light

In The Forest. One change that I did not like was tat True Son did not have a brother named Gordie

instead he has a girlfriend named Shenendoh. Another change that I noticed is Bejance was not in the

movie but I thought he should have been because he was one of the only characters True Son could talk

to. Myra Butler was more soft-hearted in the movie than she is in the book. Aunt Kate is more calm in

the movie while in the book she acts crazy toward True Son. Myra is more involved and talks more in

the movie in comparison to the book. Del Hardy is one character that I like more in the movie than the

book. I think this because Del is around longer than he is in the book. Corn Blade is not in the movie

but is in the book. Parson Elder and Harry Butler are basically the same in both the book and the


In the book and movie The Light In The Forest have a lot of differences including the plot

events. Some of these differences of plot events include that True Son and half arrow did not attempt to

scalp Uncle Wilse. Another difference is that in the movie True Son gets a girlfriend who is Uncle

Wilse's servant bin the movie but she does not exist in the book. In the movie Cuyloga paints half of his

face black but in the movie he only paints the outside of his hand. In both the book and movie Del and

True Son are friends and share a great connection of understanding. In the movie Harry Butler does not

count his money to calm him down as in the book he does. Another difference is that in the movie True

Son knew a lot of English and in the book he...
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