Light in the Forest

Topics: Hatred, 2007 singles, India Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: February 8, 2006
The Light In the Forest Essay

A father is a person that is always there for you. In my eyes, Harry Butler is not as good of a father as Cuyloga, True Son's Indian father. True Son and his Indian father, Cuyloga both hate the whites. True Son and Cuyloga both have a better father son connection than Harry Butler. Cuyloga is also more trustful. I think Cuyloga should be True Son's father. First, True Son knows Cuyloga very well. True Son loves how his Indian father acts, and treats him. True Son also loves what Cuyloga does. He trusts Cuyloga much more than Harry Butler. He likes Cuyloga better than he likes Butler. This is one reason I think Cuyloga is a better father than Harry Butler. Secondly, True Son knows the Indian customs. He dresses like the Indians, he paints his face like the Indians, and he celebrates the same way the Indians do. This is another reason why I think Cuyloga is a better father Harry Butler. True Son and Cuyloga have so much more in common than True Son and Harry Butler. Finally, True Son hates the whites, like his Indian father, but not his white father. The whites have a different religion that True Son does not like. True Son does not like how the whites mess up the land. He also does not like how the whites take possession of stuff. True Son has also lived with his Indian father a lot longer part of his life. Therefore, that makes True Son a lot more comfortable with Cuyloga than Harry Butler, which can be a big difference in a father son relationship. I think True Son should live with his Indian father because he is used to living with him. True Son celebrates Indians traditions. True Son likes the Indians better, and True son hates the whites like his Indian Father. Both True Sin and I think Cuyloga is just an overall better father than Harry Butler. These are the reasons why I think Cuyloga is a better father than Harry Butler.
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