Light and Shadow and Color in Interior Design in Combination with the Use of

Topics: Color, Light, Color theory Pages: 8 (3025 words) Published: June 15, 2013
Light and shadow and color in interior design in combination with the use of

Abstract: The basic concepts of light and shadow and color a brief exposition of the light and color and the relationship between interior design and interior design in the use of the environment from the interior decoration shows the level of light and shadow and color combination in the Interior Design the application of methods to enrich and explore the combination of light and color art design in the indoor environment practices in the design of the different roles. Key words: light and shadow interior design combined with the use of color Lighting and color is always in contact, are often used in interior design, but the combination of the two used in the interior design is not highly regarded. The two new indirect material should be it to good use. This article describes the lighting and color in the interior design of the integration and use to make designers aware of their importance, to better identify and use of such indirect materials. "Light" is essential in our lives, whether it is sunny, day (light) can not be lack of light and lighting. Lighting is the light shines in the non-transparent objects, the objects left behind by the backlight surface gray or black space, or "shadow." The different shapes of objects have different shapes of shadows, the light they produce different shadows of different brightness. According to the classification of light, natural light and artificial lighting with two light and shadow. Sunlight because the more balanced tone, brightness is more evenly distributed, and the beam focus, as the best natural light, real life is the only natural light, the sun can be seen in the interior architecture is well used to create three-dimensional space sense and create a chiaroscuro effect. Sunlight to stay light and shadow on objects called natural lighting, the lighting is characterized by brightness, position changes with time and weather, difficult to control, which are difficult to control because the characteristics of light caused. Sunny days of direct light shadow relationship strong, strong sense of three-dimensional objects; the cloudy light, diffuse reflection light and diffuse transmitted light softer, Lighting effect is weak, not strong three-dimensional objects. Suitable natural lighting effects give people impressed, completed in 1989, Ibaraki, Osaka, the "Church of Light" is a masterpiece of male An Tengzhong, this work is the use of natural lighting is in place of the classic examples, it is better use of natural light and the wall and reduction in space and indoor chiaroscuro effect. During the day, through the cross-shaped light source shines into the room Qiang Feng, in the interior light shines on the wall is not formed on a large cross, not only light into the room, and playing a kind of different atmosphere from other churches. This church is obviously the most and the public do not With a design, in which the Passion of Christ can not feel pain, but is Zen meditation. The design of artificial lighting is artificial light source (lamp) light objects left in the shadow. From the use of natural light to the invention of electricity, indoor decorative lighting used more and more widely, from church to the bedroom, dining, special functions to the space, such as exhibition halls, museums, people gradually decorated for packaging a variety of environments such to achieve the special space effects. Variety of artificial sources, including incandescent, gas discharge lamps are commonly used light source, characterized by light source shape, size can adjust the beam size, easy to control the direction, brightness, color temperature, color of choice, able to satisfy the interior needs, As interior design, chosen light source, and the formation of light and shadow has become a major source of indoor use of light and shadow. Designers also took advantage of point light sources in the interior of the...
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