Topics: Lion, Liger, Tiglon Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: May 9, 2011
When you were a child did you ever think about what it would look like if you combined two different animals? Well, so have a lot of other people. These crossbreed animals are called hybrids. I am going to address a specific type of crossbreed known as the Liger. Many people think the liger is a made up creature a lot like the combined animals you thought of as a child. But Ligers are actually a living animal unlike any other in the world. And today I am going to open your eyes to their existence. Thesis Statement: Now let’s discus the truth about ligers. Their history, their appearance, and some of their basic information.

I.The history of the liger is actually very interesting.
a.First known litter born in 1924
i.In England
ii.By accident
iii.1 girl 2 boys
b.Many reports of ligers since 1800’s
c.Paintings of ligers date back to 1783
i.Painting of 2 liger cubs Etienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire
II.Here is some basic information and fun facts on Ligers
a.Ligers is the crossbreed of a male lion and a female tiger b.Like the lion they are very social and like to stay in packs c.It enjoys swimming which is a tiger characteristic considering that lions don’t like water d.Sleeps during the day and hunts at night

e.Can live up to 24 years in captivity
f.Roars much like a lion
g.Can stand to be 12ft tall when standing on back legs
h.Weigh up 1,000 pounds
i.50 mph
j.Largest of all cat species
III.The Ligers appearance is very distinct. It has many characteristics form both the lion and the tiger. a.Looks like an oversized lion.
i.Much bigger than both the lion and the tiger
ii.Can be up to 12ft tall when on back legs
iii.Weigh up to 1,000 pounds
b.Coloring of a tiger
i.Orange, tan, brown, gold
c.Stripes on back
i.Mutated stripes
1.Not like on a tiger
ii.Many colors
1.Black, dark brown, and orange
d.Spots on stomach
i.Varying in size and shape
1.Tan, brown and black...
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