Lifetime fitness Questions

Topics: Obesity, Amino acid, Nutrition, Muscle, Human body, Aerobic exercise / Pages: 6 (884 words) / Published: Oct 16th, 2014
Free weights and calisthenics are considered to be which of the following?
Selected Answer: isotonic

Which muscle fibers are resistant to fatigue because they rely on aerobic metabolism?
Selected Answer: type I In which of the following contractions is the length of the muscle decreased?
Selected Answer: concentric The capacity of a muscle to continue contracting over a long period of time is called
Selected Answer: muscular endurance. Which of the following is an advantage of free weights over weight machines?
Selected Answer: more related to real-life activities and movements


Bands of tissue that connect bones are
Selected Answer: ligaments. . Question 3 .10 out of 10 points What is flexibility?
Selected Answer: the range of motion at a joint or group of joints . Question 4 .10 out of 10 points The muscle being stretched is known as the
Selected Answer: agonist. . Question 5 .10 out of 10 points What purposes does stretching at the end of a workout serve?
Selected Answer: building flexibility and cooling-down

Concept 13
From a health perspective, which of the following is true?
Selected Answer: Being fit is more important than being thin (i.e. 'normal weight') . Question 2 .10 out of 10 points A pound of body fat contains approximately how many calories?
Selected Answer: 3,500 . Question 3 .10 out of 10 points For most people, the target zone for fat reduction is a loss of no more than ______ pounds per week.
Selected Answer: 2 . Question 4 .10 out of 10 points Which of the following best characterizes the clinical term of "obesity"?
Selected Answer: excessive body fat . Question 5 .10 out of 10 points The body mass index (BMI) is based on which two variables?
Selected Answer: height and weight


The calculations used to determine the

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