Lifestyle - Then and Now

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Lifestyle is the way a person lives. The human body and mind have adequately adapted to their changing lifestyle. Many factors have affected the lifestyle of a person - technology, health, environment, culture, society, etc. One of the biggest changes that affected mankind has been the discovery of fire and the wheel. Many years and discoveries later, it was the invention of electricity. Due to electricity, technology developed. Technology has changed all the fields such as - warfare, agriculture, transportation - air, sea and land travel, , manufacturing, medicine, communication, information, etc. With the advancement of the human race, many new inventions and discoveries were added to the ever growing list. But along with the advantages, it brought some disadvantages as well.

Earlier people had more interaction with each other. There was no TV or computer to distract them. They were able to spend time with each other and they were more relaxed. The TV and the computer have become a kind of addiction for most of the people now and they find it hard to stop using it.

Now most of the time both the parents would be working long hours and there is no time for them to be with their family. They are stressed out most of the time and are too tired to talk even when they get some free time.

In earlier days not many people had a car. There might be one car in the whole neighbourhood. It was something that only the rich could afford. Most people used the public transport or walked if they wanted to go somewhere. Walking was a part of life and not considered to be a great task.

Many people lived as joint families in large houses with many children, aunts, uncles, and other relatives. There was always someone to talk to, someone to share the household chores with, etc. With the advancement of technology, nuclear families have emerged. It has brought with it more independence for the individual but more loneliness as well.

All in all,...
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