lifestyle diseases

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Lifestyle Diseases
There are many diseases that contribute immensely to the burden placed on a person, a family, a society and a country, and despite advances in medicine, the number of people with such diseases continues to increase with people dying younger. In a newspaper article dated back two years stated that in June the previous year, Pacific health ministers had declared a non-communicable disease (NCD) crisis because it was revealed that the Pacific was breeding a generation of obese children, an inactive population with the transition in lifestyle (Vula, 2012).Non-communicable diseases as many people know are also called chronic or lifestyle diseases and are not passed from person to person. These diseases are of longer duration and generally slow progression (WHO, 2013).Risks for such chronic or non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases, cancer and cardiovascular diseases, all pose a threat to our livelihood with a shorter lifespan for our future generations. This essay will look at Lifestyles diseases initially looking at its trend followed by its effects on the population and as a final point a few solutions to its effects on the population. These diseases have an impact on national economies by reducing quantity and productivity. According to a survey done by WHO (2011), NCDs are estimated to account for 77percent of deaths in the country in which 42percent died of cardiovascular diseases, 12percent died of cancer, 6percent of respiratory diseases, 4percent of diabetes and 13percent of other ncds but in the organizations latest survey (2014) on NCD-related deaths in the country, it was discovered that the mortality rate instigated by NCDs increased from 77percent to 80percent i.e. 35percent died of cardiovascular diseases, 11percent died of cancer, 5percent of chronic respiratory disease,16percent of diabetes and 13percent of other ncds. Looking at the figures mentioned above, it is seen that the percentage...
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