Lifestyle and It's Impact On Life

Topics: Obesity, Overweight, Personal life Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: October 25, 2013
Lifestyle and Its Impact on Life
Modern lifestyle has really affected the way us especially as it pertains to health and fitness. In this day and time how often do we really invest into health and fitness or a healthier lifestyle? In the last twenty years alone it is clear to see that we as a people have drastically changed in the way that we live and entertain ourselves. With the improvements of technology in so many different areas of our life such as in the work place and at home, we have settled into a more sedentary lifestyle. We are far less active and in work and play and enjoyment. In the recent past a man could work on the job as a laborer and do extreme amounts of physical labor and now with the invention of great industrial machines we are able to build and construct buildings and highways in very little time and reduce the amount of labor that many men were used to do the same tasks years ago. Even in office work the invention of computers and the internet to some capacity are slowly making it easier to replace many skilled employees in the office by having automated secretaries and also less paperwork to be filed becoming a more technically compatible entity. Technology has definitely led to a reduction in manpower, thus leading to less physical activity in the work place. The advancement of the cell phone, video games and home entertainment centers reaching higher heights. This has led to many families and particularly children and also adults alike now staying home rather than the family going out to engage in some kind of physical activity. In this remote control environment it is so easy now to grab a remote to control just about everything we do such as changing a television channel, setting the security alarm, or just cooking a dinner at the touch of a button. These advances definitely have their perks but it also makes one think that at this rate in the near future will we even have to leave home for anything except to travel. We can...
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