Topics: HIV, Atherosclerosis, AIDS Pages: 4 (1407 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Lifestyle is an important predictor of 'How well a person ages'. Important factors such as eating right and exercising regularly are major components of a healthy lifestyle that play an important role on how long a person can live. The focus of this research is to explain the relationship between aging and the food you eat, how often you exercise , and your mental state . Finally it will focus on different ways of maintaining a decent lifestyle in order to live longer and happier.

Many people within the U.S are in their 70s and 80s chronologically but have the physically fit bodies of people in their 30s or 40s. Why? Because they have chosen to modify their diets to include more nutritious food and their lifestyles to include more exercise (strength training and aerobics). The components of healthy lifestyle include many things. A few of these examples are eating right , exercising regularly and keeping your mind calm and content. During various stress management studies it was revealed that the fundamental cause of the illness (even the heart disease) was the sense of isolation. When someone feels isolated and alone, as if lacking something in his life, it leads to self-involvement, disappointment and lastly the frustration and hostility. This changes our behavior pattern and the way we react to any situation around. In short, perception of isolation or lack of love and support from others can lead to a chronic stress. The self-destructive behavior pattern is the only result of this stress. Best way is to decrease our wants and demands. This will reduce our disappointment and unhappiness. Intimacy, social support and love on the other hand will increase our emotional sharing and will enhance the process of healing. Yoga is a powerful system which coordinates our scattered feelings, inner peace and relations with others in a systematic way so that we become aware of many things inside us. Yoga techniques are based on the stretching principle which would...
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