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Topics: Puberty, Nature versus nurture, Human Pages: 4 (1106 words) Published: October 6, 2010
Life Span Perspective
Olivine Turner
PSY 375
September 26, 2010
University of Phoenix
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In this paper, readers will learn about the life span perspective and some areas of human development. To begin, some readers are wondering, “What is the life span perspective?” According to Boyd & Bee (2009, p.4), the life span perspective is the current view of developmentalists regarding important changes throughout the entire human life span. These changes are important to study so that developmentalists are able to understand the changes in human development, and why these changes occur.

There are seven characteristics of the life span perspective according to Paul Baltes (1980). The first is that development is life long: gains and losses are part of the development process. The second is that development is multidimensional: development occurs in all three domains. Next is that development is multidirectional: some developmental aspects increase while others decrease or do not change at all. The fourth is that development is plastic: development could be...
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