Lifespan Development and Personality

Topics: Developmental psychology, Jean Piaget, Child development Pages: 3 (858 words) Published: April 13, 2011
Lifespan Development and Personality Paper

The physical and cognitive development in lifespan development differs between the stages of development. The stages of development start from infancy (birth to 1 year) and end at late adulthood (60 + years). The stage I would like to focus on is the second stage. The second stage is early childhood (2 to 6 years). I wanted to focus on this stage because my 2 year old daughter is in this stage of lifespan development, so I would like to know more. My main areas of focus are on factors that affect physical and cognitive development, while considering heredity and environmental influences.

The second stage of lifespan development is early childhood, which ranges from ages 2 to 6. Early childhood is known to be one of the most rapid times of physical development. In physical development of early childhood there are three main areas the changing quickly. The three main areas continuous changing or growing is the brain, motor, and sensory development. The brain grows 75 percent of its adult size and weight by age 2. The rapid growth of the brain will eventually start to slow down later on during childhood. Next, comes the motor development in child between ages 2 and 6. In the early childhood stage, motor development is actually easy to witness because child is always so busy. When the infant to show or make movement of different body part they are developing motor skills. The motor development is mainly relied on by the natural maturity of the child in early childhood. Heredity can the environment influence can affect the motor development in a child. The heredity aspect of it is that the child can have a heredity disorder that disables or slows down motor development. Lastly, in early childhood of physical development is the sensory development. Sensory development begins in newborns, being able to differentiate certain smells. Also, their sense of touch and pain is exceedingly developed from the infancy stage...
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