Lifespan Communication

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Lifespan Communication

Lifespan communication is the way in which communication is developed, maintained and changes throughout the process of one persons life. One theory of Life-span communication is that there is no stagnant period of life; There’s no point in life that you are no longer changing. Loretta Pecchioni says in her book Life-span Communication, “A great many developmental scholars hold quite strongly on the writings and beliefs of Piaget and others that the early years of existence (up to about the age of 12) is the period of our life in which the most important and interesting developmental phenomena occur. Changes that occur after 12 years are not considered to be significant or to exist at all or to represent decline rather than development. Quite the contrary, life-span scholars do not consider any one theory of our life span.”(Pecchioni 4) She later says in her book that it is important for us not to limit our investigations of human behavior to the first 12 years but to extend our theories and studies to include the rest of our life. Humans are constantly adapting and changing to be more efficient and effective communicators. Life-span Communication encompasses more than just the development of our communication. It includes how it is maintained and changed through life experiences and changes in culture.

Changes in our life effect how we communicate. Lets assume you have lived in Kentucky for your entire life; you’ve gone to a small church of 50 or so in a small tight-knit town and you know exactly how the society works and how to get what you want there. One day your parents(who are entrepreneurs) get a big break with the new car engine they are designing. They get the chance to move to new york and work for the design team of Chevrolet. You move to New York and are enrolled in Millennium High School in New York City. The culture shock of going from a small town in Kentucky to one of the most populated cities in the world would demand...
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