Lifespan and Personality

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Lifespan and Personality Development

Lifespan and Personality Development

Anna Freud, the daughter of Sigmund Freud, was a famous psychologist in the 21st century and was well known for her studies in psychoanalysis and child psychology. Anna was born in Vienna, Austria on December 3, 1895, and was the sixth child born in the Freud family. Anna, was extremely close with her father, and was influenced by him, but her work went well beyond her father’s ideas. She was known as the founder of child psychoanalysis, defense mechanisms, and she also made contributions towards the studies of ego psychology. Although Anna Freud never earned a higher degree, her work in psychoanalysis and child psychology contributed to her eminence in the field of psychology (Cherry, 2013).

Anna Freud’s Childhood
Growing up as the sixth born, Anna struggled competing with her siblings, especially her sister Sophie. It was said that Anna’s sister Sophie was more of the attractive one and Anna had more of the brains. Not, only did she have rivalry with her siblings, Anna did not have a great relationship with her mother. She wrote letters to her father, describing her inner feelings of unreasonable thoughts and feelings that plagued her. She was known for being the “child of mischief”. As a result of her unhappiness, she was sent to health farms for rest, salutary walks, and to put on weight because she was too thin. Because Anna, always felt like she was competing for her individuality, she could have been suffering with depression which may have caused an eating disorder. The relationship that Anna and her father had was different from all the rest on the children the Freud family. Anna’s beginning

Anna and her father had an extremely close relationship. It was said that her father wrote more about her in his diaries than any other of the children. Because Anna was extremely close with her father, she learned more from him than she did in school. When...

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