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Christopher Kearns
English 101
Essay #3

Life on another planet?
Ever gaze up in the stars and wonder if anyone is looking back at you, or see something that you believe is other worldly and struggle between telling people about it because of how weird and impossible it sounds and seems? Every time some one mentions other worldly being or entity, some dismiss it as science fiction and other listen in and give their experience and admire in shock an awe. The existence of aliens has been observed by popular publications like Time, The Washington post, Forbes, and NBC News. They have covered an extensive background on the subject using statistics about people’s opinions, personal experience, and scientific facts. They have even gone far enough to include a presentation to show a visual model of expected life in the next ten to twenty years. There is a broad explanation of the possibilities of life being on other planets in these sources. They also talk about how out of all those possibilities there is bound to be one or two other forms of intelligent life. So weather you believe in aliens or not, or undecided, this article could sway your opinion.

Times thought it was important to cover the thought of the existence of aliens. Starting out with talking about the next couple of years, then stating some facts about the present. In the fourth paragraph they stated that there is conservatively, there are at least 100 billion stars, but it has been cited that the number could be 3 times that. And of that, twenty to fifty percent have some type of planetary system. And one out of every five of those systems are capable of being the host to an “earth like life.” The possibility of life on another planet as intelligent or even more intelligent than we are.

Washington Post has also addressed the very thought on some of its forums. It talked about the “world’s first comprehensive” alien exhibit in Myrtle Beach, Southern Carolina. Also adding that...
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