Lifelong Learning

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Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning is the continuous building of skills and knowledge throughout the life of an individual. The first characteristic of lifelong learning is that it encompasses both formal and non-formal/informal types of education and training. Formal learning includes the hierarchically structured school system that runs from primary school through the university and organized school-like programs created in business for technical and professional training. Whereas informal learning describes a lifelong process whereby individuals acquire attitudes, values, skills and knowledge from daily experience and the educational influences and resources in his or her environment, from family and neighbors, from work and play, from the market place, the library and the mass media.Learning gives you opportunities to discover new skills and acquire knowledge of new and old things. We have many reasons to pursue our education as we go along in life. Some of my reasons are: •adapt to change

open my mind
develop natural abilities
make a difference in the world
increase my wisdom
When planning your life you never realize that there are so many changes you will have to make as you get older. We know that have to go to school to get an education and get a job. Not thinking about all the challenges and changes we are going to face as we grow in the world. Education plays an important role in our life. My lifelong learning started at the age of 5. That was when I started going to school. Every year I was taught more things that would help me learn something new the next year. I learned my basics in elementary, the I moved up to middle school. Things began to get a little hard as I progressed though middle school. Then came high school, this is when I started to understand that education play a very important part in your life. Education will advance you to different levels your life. For instance, if you choose a career path in...
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